Monday, October 17, 2016

Design Wall Monday–October 17, 2016

It’s raining!!!!!!! I live in Southern California so you have no idea how rare this weather event is.  The only draw back is………………………………we’re grand puppy sitting and this is his first experience with rain.  We made it outside and managed to “do our thing” but immediately came back in to dry off.

Here he is, all dried off and ready to take on the day.


His name is Kona and he’s almost 4 months old.  He is such a cutie but he gets to go home tomorrow night.  

Back to sewing.  Very little is happening but I did have time to make a skirt. 


Can you see the fabric?   Here’s a close-up. 


I love this day of the dead fabric.  It’s got a gray background that I really like. 

Hopefully after Kona goes home tomorrow night I can get back to actually doing some “real” quilting.  We’ll see.  Wish me luck.

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Monday, October 10, 2016

Design Wall Monday–October 10, 2016

Working on a very old UFO. 

I made this top several (more than I care to remember) years ago at a Quilters by the Sea retreat.  Why it’s taken me this long to get back to working on it is anyone’s guess because I really like it. 



It’s a fun quilt and I think it really only needs simple quilting so it’s time to get to it. 

Check out the back.


It’s a giant kaleidoscope and I set it similar to the small blocks on the front.   It’s layered, pinned and ready to go under the needle. 

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Monday, September 26, 2016

Design Wall Monday–9/26/16

I was at a retreat in Big Bear last week but for some reason was unable to post my Design Wall Monday so today I’ll share some of the things I worked on during the week. 

First up – my churn dash quilt.  I had started this at the Big Bear Retreat last May and although I didn’t get it finished this time, I got all the blocks made. 


I now need to add the sashing and borders.  That may take a while but I’m in no hurry.  This quilt doesn’t have a designated home yet so I’m in no hurry.

Next up………………..a seat cushion to take to workshop.  For me, the chairs are always too low or the table is too high.  Either way I need a seat cushion.  When Marilyn and I had our Two Wacky Women business we sold really nice seat cushions but for some reason mine “literally” would get sold out from under me.  Finally I have my own.




I love how it turned out.  The foam was 16” x 16” x 3” and is very firm.  Maybe too firm but I would suspect it will soften with time. 

Another project that I cut out a very long time ago but I finally started making my blocks.


It’s completely made of Kaffe fabrics.  I still need to make a whole bunch of blocks.

It was a wonderful week, filled with friendship, sewing and waaaaay to much food.  But I can hardly wait until the next time in May, 2017.  Woo Hoo!!!!!

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Design Wall Monday–September 12, 2016

This is kind of a silly thing to show, but it’s actually the only sewing that I’ve done lately.



In case you can’t tell, it a cover for my new little featherweight, Rosie.  You remember Rosie, don’t you?


She’s so shiny and pretty that she needed her own cover.  The Day of the Dead pattern seemed perfect for her. 

Can you guess what it’s made out of????? I bet you can’t……….

I was at the 99 Cent Store and they have all their Halloween stuff (including Day of the Dead) stuff out.  Here’s what I found.


I bought 3 of them for 99 cents each.  I sewed two together at the top to make it big enough and then added ribbon ties to the sides.  It’s a little cushy so it will help protect Rosie when she’s packed for a retreat.  The funny thing about this is I was planning on making a simple cover but was having trouble deciding what fabric to use.  When I saw these dish drying mats I knew that they were perfect.

Check out my new little table. 


It’s perfect for a sewing machine table.  It’s a little lower than normal desk height so my machine sits a little lower as it would if set down in a regular sewing machine table. It also has a side panel that you can raise to give you room to the left of your machine. 


And, it’s on wheels so I can simply roll it into the dining room when I have friends over to sew.  I’m planning on painting it soon, probably a sea foam blue.  Once again I can be dangerous with a spray can of paint in my hands. 

BTW……………………the best part?????? I paid $7.99 for the table at my local Goodwill store.  I love the Goodwill store.

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Monday, August 29, 2016

Meet Rosie

A while back I decided I wanted to get a Singer Featherweight 221 made the same year I was born.  It took a while to find just the right one but I did indeed find one.  It sewed great but it had been well used and wasn’t in great shape cosmetically so what’s a gal to do.  Find someone to spruce her up by painting and refurbishing it of course. 

Today “Rosie” came home after having a wonderful “spa” experience. 




I am really, really happy with her and she seems to be delighted to have a new life. 


Here’s her before picture.  Just a little rough around the edges. 



Monday, August 15, 2016

Design Wall Monday–August 15, 2015

I just returned from a five day retreat with my Quilters by the Sea quilt guild.  I had a wonderful time sewing, eating, drinking wine but most of all visiting with many old friends.  Ii loved every minute of it and actually got a few things accomplished. 

I finished several quilts by adding binding, made a wallet/clutch, made a baby quilt top and started a hexi project to put on a cushion. 


The beginning of a large hexi flower that will be the front of a seat cushion.


This is a quilt that I added the binding to.  I rescued the quilt top from a guild boutique, had it quilted and then I added the binding.  This is possible my very favorite quilt, ever!!!!


This is a cute little quilt that I made using scraps left over from a prior project.  I finished it by adding a faux flange binding while at retreat.



A One Block Wonder that I made a while back but recently completed the top and added the binding at the retreat.  Here’s a picture of the back.  This is the panel I used to make the hexagon blocks.


Here are some pillow shams that also needed the binding added.  Done and done!



Such a cute wallet/clutch/purse.  These patterns are surprisingly easy to make if you follow the step-to-step instructions. 


This is very hard to see but it’s a really sweet baby quilt that has elephants and geese.  It’s just a top for now but hopefully I’ll get it quilted soon.

Overall, I’d say it was a great, productive retreat.

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Monday, August 8, 2016

Facebook Page Feed–New Baby in the House (A Featherweight)

I normally have an automatic feed from my blog to my RQe Facebook page, but it recently had a problem and quit working.  I think I’ve fixed it so this will be my test. 

I wanted to share my new (to me) baby.  It’s an old Singer featherweight that was made the same year I was born.  It arrived last week and although it worked it was sluggish and needed a good cleaning, oil and grease.  After spending sometime working on it (and watching YouTube videos) it’s running smoothly and creating a great stitch. 


The cosmetic condition isn’t great so I’d like to get her refurbished and painted in a great dark red along with new decals.  I’m on a wait list for someone in the mid west for 2017 but would love to find someone on the west coast that can do this for me.  Any suggestion or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. 



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